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  • A Taste of Home

Le Pavillon

Each weekend from 4pm to 6pm, Le Pavillon Hotel invites our guests to gather in the lobby for a little taste of home. For years, it has been the tradition of our hotel to serve freshly made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches alongside ice cold milk and piping hot chocolate (seasonally). The history of this long-standing custom can be traced back to September 10, 1988.

A guest checked into the hotel, situated his belongings in his room and then ventured to the bar for a nightcap. When the guest ordered a tall glass of milk, the bartender inquired as to his peculiar choice of drink. The guest began telling him about how often he was away from home, so his family began silly rituals which they would do at the same time every night. His young daughter was partial to a late night snack of PB&J and an ice cold glass of milk. Even though none of the hotels could provide him with the homemade treat, he would still make a point to order his glass of milk to share with his daughter miles away. Somehow, it was his connection.

The bartender shared the story with the General Manager, who was very intrigued. The next night, wanting to make his stay extra special, the General Manager secretly asked the late night kitchen staff to whip up the nostalgic sandwich. Within minutes, the guest was presented with the one item that could complete his nightly ritual, a freshly made peanut butter and jelly sandwich. He was finally able to have a snack with his daughter hundreds of miles away. It didn't take long for everyone in the bar to want a PB&J sandwich! Touched by the situation and seeing how much everyone was enjoying their snacks, the Le Pavillon PB&J tradition began.
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