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Le Pavillon's greatest treasure is her employees. Many have more than 20 years of service.

  • Roosevelt Lyons - hired: 01/04/1971
  • Georgiana Mitchell - hired: 02/28/1975
  • Anna Nash - hired: 09/03/1975
  • John Holmes - hired: 09/18/1976
  • Irma Robinson - hired: 10/30/1976
  • Felix Winchester - hired: 04/12/1977
  • Pam Sitzman - hired: 02/01/1979
  • Patricia Armant - hired: 05/17/1979
  • Alma Williams - hired: 03/19/1980
  • Dorothy Nunnery - hired: 04/27/1981
  • Andrew Jackson - hired: 08/09/1981
  • Essie Railey - hired: 09/16/1985


Pictured above: l-r seated - Roosevelt Lyons, Georgiana Mitchell,
Anna Nash, John Holmes, Irma Robinson, and Felix Winchester;
l-r standing - Pamela Sitzman, Patricia Armant, Alma Williams,
Dorothy Nunnery, Andrew Jackson, and Essie Railey.

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Albert Moses

Le Pavillon - Albert Moses

Following is a sampling of some of the special antiques that add to the ambiance of Le Pavillon Hotel.
Hand carved wooden fireplace mantle in Suite 730
This is quite simply one of the world's finest hand carved wooden mantles anywhere; circa mid 17th century. It is solid mahogany, and was intricately hand carved for a European Castle once owned by the McMillan Family of Scotland.

Half Tester Bed in Right Bedroom OF Suite 630
This circa 1855 bed was hand carved by C. Lee, a former slave, for the New Orleans market. This important piece pre-dates the Civil War. It was designed to allow for mosquito netting to completely protect the sleeping inhabitants. This particular bed is the best model made and is carved out of rosewood, a very rare and expensive wood.

Full Tester Bed in Room 316
This is a fine example of what the New Orleans' aristocracy slept on in the mid 19th century, when cotton was king. It is a rare Prudence Mallard four poster rosewood bed and is in excellent condition. Prudence Mallard's furniture was of the highest quality and is extremely rare and valuable today.

Armoire in Lobby
This is an exquisite Louis XV three compartment armoire in the Rococo style. It is intricately carved with cherubs and other period details.

Pair of Bronze Cherubs in Lobby
This is an extremely rare and valuable pair of Louis XV D'Oré bronze cherubs with candelabras sitting on marble pedestals. They were sculpted by DePatour, the famous Parisian sculptor, circa 1879.

This antique piece is an extremely rare three arch Brunswick Bar, circa 1880. It was salvaged from a Chicago hotel that was frequented by the infamous gangster, Al Capone. If you look closely, you can see where repairs were made to it after a failed mob hit was attempted.

Eleven European crystal and bronze palace chandeliers grace the first floor of Le Pavillon Hotel.

These magnificent fixtures add to Le Pavillon's atmosphere and are enjoyed by hotel guests, and tourists staying elsewhere. Tour buses stop nightly to allow their clients to enjoy these magnificent shimmering light fixtures.

Fifteen-foot monumental limestone statues flank the grand entrance to Le Pavillon Hotel. They represent "Peace and Prosperity." One statue is depicted holding the Horn Of Plenty, while the other has doves resting on her shoulder denoting peace. They are circa 1880.

Marble and Onyx Balustrade in Lounge
This extremely rare sienna marble balustrade with green onyx balusters and bronze ormolu, once enclosed a reserved seating area in the Grand Hotel in Paris for titled French aristocracy. Today, this monumental piece encloses the Gallery Lounge of Le Pavillon Hotel.

Painting "Duchess of Chievenon" (The Lady in Red)
This exquisite work was painted by the famous artist Sir Peter Lely (1618-1680). He was knighted in January 1680 and died in London that same year. He is buried at St. Paul's Convent Garden. His Restoration Period portraits of women catered to the sensual temper of the times.

Painting "The Belle of New Orleans"
This fine mid 19th century portrait is of a woman who lived in New Orleans. The magnificent gold leaf frame is hand carved with delicate foliate in the four corners. She was the matriarch of a once wealthy New Orleans family who, upon falling upon hard times, sold the portrait to Le Pavillon Hotel on three conditions. The first condition was that she never leave New Orleans. The second condition was that she be the only female portrait to be hung in the room. The third and final condition of purchase required that her identity, and that of her family, be never divulged. She now resides proudly overlooking the Crystal Room of Le Pavillon Hotel.

Marble Bathtub,
Palace Suite 730

This extremely rare marble bathtub is purported to have been owned by Napoleon Bonaparte, Emperor of France. It is hand carved from one single large block of white carrera marble. It is said that the Louisiana Purchase was signed by Napoleon in a marble tub. It is one of only three known to exist in the world today. One of them is proudly displayed in The Louvre Museum in Paris, France, while the other is in a private collection.