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Dine with Us


Every evening starting at 10 o’clock, Le Pavillon hotel invites her guests to congregate in the lobby for a little taste of home. For years, it has been the tradition of our hotel to serve freshly made peanut butter and jelly sandwiches alongside ice cold milk and piping hot chocolate to our overnight guests. The history of this long-standing custom can be traced back to a rather unique evening a long time ago.

A guest checked into the hotel, arriving after a very long journey. He situated his belongings in his room and then retired to the lounge for a nightcap. When the guest simply ordered a tall glass of milk, the bar keep inquired as to his peculiar choice of drink. He began telling him about his family back home, and how since he was away from them so often, they began silly rituals that they would do at the same time every evening. His young daughter was partial to a late night snack of PB&J and milk at the kitchen table. Although he regretted that none of the hotels could provide him with the homemade treat they so often enjoyed, he would still make a point to order his glass of milk to share with his daughter miles away.

As fate would have it, the bar keep on duty that night was actually the hotel's General Manager, who was substituting for one of his employee’s who had left early due to a last minute family emergency. Intrigued with the guests story and wanting to make his stay extra special, the General Manager asked the late night kitchen staff if they happened to have the necessary ingredients to whip up the nostalgic sandwich. Sure enough, within minutes, the guest was presented with the one item that could complete his nightly ritual of an evening snack with his daughter hundreds of miles away... a freshly made peanut butter and jelly sandwich. Before long, word spread throughout the lounge and almost everyone wanted a PB&J sandwich too! Touched by the situation and seeing how much everyone was enjoying their snacks, a tradition began.

Ever since that late night long ago on September 10th, 1988, the hotel has continued the tradition at 10 o'clock p.m. each and every night.

The Top Hat

Earlier in the last century, gentlemen routinely wore top hats. That tradition still lives on at Le Pavillon Hotel.
Le Pavillon
Holiday Traditions


One of our most treasured traditions at Le Pavillon Hotel is our Easter Managerie. Displayed exclusively on Easter Sunday, the young and the young at heart can enjoy our hands-on petting zoo, including the most adorable baby chicks, ducks, and of course, bunny rabbits. Each of these precious pets is looking for a home, and perhaps your home may be the one they are searching for.

Le Pavillon petting zoo
Le Pavillon petting zoo

Le Pavillon petting zoo
Le Pavillon Easter petting zoo





Le Pavillon's Newest Tradition

     Le Pavillon's Newest Tradition